STP / Siphon Tube Preheater

A safe and efficient system to preheat siphon tubes

How it works

Siphon tubes are used to transfer liquid metal from a ladle to a furnace. The siphons, after they have been cleaned and before they are placed in the furnace, need  to be preheated, which could be done using the STP / Siphon Tube Preheater.

The preheater is provided with a heating box and a blower that recirculates heated air in a closed circuit all along the siphon.

Key features

Productivity Improvement

  • Better temperature control; no cold spots.
  • Fully automatic operation of the system.

Cost Improvement

  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Low operating, maintenance and capital costs.
  • No dedicated operator is required.

Safe Operating Environment

  • No pollutants; noise free.