Documents and references

A Technical Perspective on Molten Aluminum Processing.pdf acd RFIDBFtac
STAS ACD brochure.pdf acd
Air Emissions from Rotary Gas and Rotary Salt Injection - Furnace Fluxing Processes.pdf RFI
ALCOA and STAS - Partners in development.pdf ASISABISAAPSEIP
Anode Butt and Stub Inspection System.pdf ASISABIS
STAS SPC brochure.pdf spc
STAS TAC brochure.pdf tac
STAS ACS brochure.pdf acs
Casthouse and Related Equipment Commercialised by STAS.pdf acdRFIDBFtac
STAS DBF Brochure.pdf DBF
Experience with the Sealed Alcan Compact Degasser-ACD.pdf acd
How to Reduce Alkalines in the Potroom or in the Casthouse.pdf acdRFItac
IGDC Brochure.pdf IGDC
Intalco's Experience with the Alcan TAC System.pdf tac
Leaflet - Preheating of Crucible Refractory Linings.pdf acp
LEAFLET-Sytac.pdf Sytac
Light_Metal_2002 - Alcan Characterisation of Pitch Performance for Pitch Binder Evaluation and Process Changes in an Alumin.pdf Sytac
Limca Comparison of a Bed Filter and a Two Stage Ceramic Foam Filter.pdf DBF
Metal_Comparison_at_Alcoa.pdf acd
Modeling of Rotary Injection Process for Molten Aluminum Processing.pdf RFI
Molten Metal Fluxing-Treatment - How Best to Achieve the Desired Quality Requirements.pdf acdRFItac
Presentation at the TMS Annual Meeting - The Inert Gas Dross Cooler (IGDC).pdf IGDC
Recent Experience with ACD in 2 Plants.pdf acd
Recent Experience with ACD in Casting.pdf acd
STAS RFI brochure.pdf RFI
Rotary Flux Injection - Chlorine-free Technique for Furnace Preparation.pdf RFI
STAS SEED brochure.pdf SEED
Semi-Solid Aluminium Casting - CNRC.pdf SEED
STAS Crucible Cleaning and Maintenance.pdf haccspcacpstcstp
STAS Metal Treatment Technologies.pdf ACDRFIDBFtacacsIGDC
TAC - A New Process for Molten Aluminum Refining.pdf tac
TAC - A Novel Process for the Removal of Lithium and other Alkalis in Primary Aluminium.pdf tac
Technical Approach - Insulated lifting platform.pdf EIP
The Alcan Compact Degasser - A Trough-Based Aluminum Treatment Process - Part I, Metallurgical Principles and Performance.pdf ACD
The Alcan Compact Degasser - Operational Experience and Performance.pdf ACD
The Inert Gas Dross Cooler (IGDC).pdf IGDC
The SEED Process For Semi-Solid Forming - S2P2004.pdf SEED
CAT TMS 2006 .pdf CAT
TMS 2009 - Operational experience with a large capacity integrated TAC and Skimmer.pdf tacacs
TMS2005-Anode positioning system-Part 2.pdf AAPS
TMS2007-Automated Stub Inspection System.pdf ASIS
TMS2008-Anode Butt Inspection system.pdf ABIS
Vibrated Bulk Density Device.pdf vbdd
Which Method to Choose for Alkaline Reduction - Either in the Pot Room Crucible or in the Casthouse.pdf acdRFItac