Metal treatment

To comply with end product specifications, molten aluminium must first be treated to remove impurities. To this end, the metal must go through various aluminium refining processes, obviously with a different piece of specialized equipment for each type of treatment.

  • The TAC (Treatment of Aluminium in Crucible) is used for sodium, calcium and lithium removal in the crucible. The TAC can be used together with an automatic skimmer to remove the bath material and the dross.
  • The RFI or RGI (Rotary Flux or Gas Injector) is used as a furnace treatment process for sodium and calcium removal as well as inclusion removal.
  • The DBF (Deep Bed Filter) is used for inclusion removal in the production of high quality products.
  • Finally, the ACD (Aluminium Compact Degasser) is used for aluminium degassing, sodium and calcium removal as well as inclusion removal.

ACD / Aluminium Compact Degasser

The most efficient and flexible
degassing system for the aluminium casthouse

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TAC / Treatment of Aluminium in Crucible

A very effective and proven process for removing alkalis while metal is in the crucible (ladle) and without the use of chlorine

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RFI / Rotary Flux Injector

The most efficient alkali and inclusion removal technology in aluminium casthouse furnaces

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IGDC / Inert Gas Dross Cooler

The only system capable of efficiently cooling all types of aluminium drosses under all conditions

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AIR / Aluminium In-line Refiner

Your casthouse deserves an efficient aluminium
refiner: the proven A622TM Technology, now
available from STAS

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ACS / Aluminium Crucible Skimmer

The most efficient way to remove bath and dross from crucibles

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DBF / Deep Bed Filter

The proven filtering technology for consistent high quality aluminium

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