Mission, values and commitment


Design, propose and manufacture production and metal treatment equipment with more added value for our clients.


STAS’ success lies in the unwavering adhesion of its personnel to the company’s values… ethical values that guide its relations with others, and change values ​​that ensure the rapid alignment of the company and its products with market developments.


  • Ensure customer satisfaction by the early and accurate identification of our customers' needs and by the proposal, manufacture and commissioning of the right products.
  • Identify and mobilize creative potentials; innovate and integrate our knowledge, new technologies and new practices to create value for our customers, our shareholders and our employees.
  • Contribute to sustainable development by designing equipment that uses the most advantageous technologies in terms of cost, performance, health and safety, and environmental protection.
  • Maintain a pleasant work environment, healthy, safe and respectful of others, which promotes the expression of each individual’s qualities and which recognizes the contribution of each employee to STAS’ collective success.
  • Create and develop mutually beneficial partnerships with metallurgical research centers and subcontractors involved in the development or manufacture of our products.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by optimizing our ability to continually align our strategies, objectives, resources, our company configuration, our technologies and products with the evolution of our markets. 
  • Provide our employees with working conditions respecting their needs, such as work‑family balance.