Sales & Marketing Director
Florent Gougerot

Florent Gougerot has been Director of the sales and marketing department since October 2017. He has been actively involved in the aluminum field for more than ten years, not to mention his previous experience in the field of electronics. Florent began his involvement with STAS inc. in 2007, as project manager. From 2010 to 2013, Mr. Gougerot settled with his family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to represent STAS as Director of the newly established office in this region to collaborate with the major aluminum smelters in the Middle East. He was then responsible for marketing on his return.

His field of expertise covers mainly application engineering for foreign markets, knowledge and market development for the extensive range of specialized equipment manufactured by STAS for the aluminum industry.

Florent obtained his electrical engineering degree in France in 1998 (INSA Lyon),and has always worked in Quebec. Father of 3 children, he is particularly fond of outdoor activities and traveling.