EIP / Electrically Isolated Platform

The EIP / Electrically Isolated Platform is a manlift provided with electrical isolation and protected against magnetic fields.

How it works

The Hall-Heroult electrolytic process used in the production of aluminium requires a special electrical configuration and grounding approach.  Live parts up to several hundreds volts  are within reach in certain grounding configurations.  For this reason, special tools are required during operation and maintenance activities to protect workers against electrical hazards (touch and step voltages) or equipment fires.

Thanks to its multiple levels of isolation, the EIP virtually eliminates electrical hazards by preventing the circulation of an electric current between the platform and the ground. An industrial manlift is adapted by the addition of very specific isolation material at specific locations on the machine.  Those modifications eliminate the possibility of short circuits between the elements of the machine in the case where there would be a physical contact with two different electrical potentials in the potroom arises. In normal operation, the worker who takes place on the platform can safely access any grounded structure even if the manlift touches a live part on the process.

“The Safest Way to Work at Heights in the Potroom”

Key features

  • Registered, approved lifting equipment.

  • Up to 2500V isolation or adapted to potline voltage.

  • Three isolation barriers, from ground level.

  • Genuine functionalities maintained.

  • No electrical, mechanical or hydaulic links between the platform and the vehicle.

  • 200 kg live load capacity.

  • Entirely autonomous.

  • Powered by diesel engine or battery.

  • CSA and ANSI approved.

  • Suitable for use in very high magnetic fields (up to 500 Gauss).