SyTAC / Alcan Pitch Wetting Capability Measurement Unit

SyTAC / Alcan Pitch Wetting Capability Measurement Unit – Measuring the Pitch Wetting Capability is an Efficient Way to Improve Anode Performance

How It Works

Pitch binder characteristics – which are related to tar characteristics, tar distillation process, pitch storage and handling conditions – have a significant impact on anode performance. It was observed that the pitch wetting capability and the variability in pitch wetting behaviour were the main causes of anode problems in the electrolysis process.

The SyTAC / Alcan Pitch Wetting Capability Measurement Unit is a measuring equipment developed by Rio Tinto Alcan and commercialised by STAS, which allows high‑precision determination of pitch wettability values (P1 and P2).

“Measuring the Pitch Wetting Capability is an Efficient Way to Improve Anode Performance”

Key features


  • Using good and consistent pitch wettability improves prebaked and Söderberg anode performance in potrooms.
  • Using pitch with a good wettability (∆ P = P2 – P1 less than 5°C according to the Rio Tinto Alcan method) improves the prebaked anode density and reduces the binder requirement.
  • SyTAC is fully integrated and automated.
  • SyTAC is easy to use by laboratory personnel and requires very little training to operate.
  • SyTAC provides a comprehensive application software with a user friendly interface to perform the configuration, test supervision and test report generation.