STAS Inc. is a Canadian based company specialized in the development, fabrication and commercialisation of process equipment for the global aluminium industry for 30 years. Our head office is located in Chicoutimi, in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean region, one of the world capitals for aluminium production. 


The equipment offered by STAS is covering various segments of the aluminium industry:

• Casthouse technologies and metal treatment processes, which include world-leading technologies such as the ACD (Aluminium Compact Degasser), the RFI (Rotary Flux Injector), the AIR (Aluminum In-line Refiner), the TAC (Treatment of Aluminium in Crucible), the DBF (Deep Bed Filtration), the IGDC (Inert Gas Dross Cooler), the ACS (Automatic Crucible Skimmer), the BSI 3D (Billet Surface Inspection). Recently, we added also the ACF (Advanced compact Filter) to our portefolio, thanks to a development partnership with Rio Tinto.

• Molten metal handling technologies, which include crucible cleaners, siphon tube cleaners and crucible preheating systems.

• Aluminium solidification technologies, which include the ICS (Ingot Casting System) and the SCS (Sow Casting Systems).

• Smelter technologies, which include the STARprobe™, the Pot Ramming Machine, fume hoods to reduce HF emissions, anode positioning systems, anode stub inspection ASIS3D, anode butt inspection ABIS3D, Anode Rod Laser Marking and Tracking systems.

• Laboratory equipment dedicated to the control and characterisation of raw materials for the primary aluminium industry.

• The SEED rheocasting process, an advanced semi-solid forming technology dedicated to the casting of high-integrity components by High-Pressure Die Casting.

• Automation and robotics, which includes programming (levels 0 to 5), process control, plant support, training, secondment of staff. The team is made up of about twenty professionals with a recognized expertise in many fields from the start-up of single machines to the programming standards in major projects.

• Engineering, which includes feasibility studies, design/detail/installation engineering, project management, safety and ergonomic reviews, design of custom‑made equipment, R&D in new technologies, etc. Our engineering personnel ranks amongst the most experienced in all fields (mechanical, electrical, automation, industrial).

With hundreds of equipment units installed in nearly 40 countries, we are proud to be a leading supplier for the global aluminium industry.