A family business founded in 1989, STAS is more than a company. Its history and the legacy left by its founders made that each employee is inclined to base their work on the successes achieved by our predecessors.

Located in Saguenay Lac-St Jean, an aluminium producing region for nearly 100 years, the beginnings of STAS are closely linked to the proximity of a large aluminium smelter (ALCAN, today Rio Tinto) and a research center favoring the presence of hundreds of engineers and scientists.

Initiated in 1994,

thanks to a partnership between the Alcan Research and Development Center and STAS, the Alcan Compact Degasser program has made possible to create and maintain dozens of jobs in the region in high technology and brought the opportunity to the company to conclude sales in aluminium smelters and casthouses around the world.

Over the years,

the success of STAS has been made possible by the realization of large projects, most of them located in the Middle East, and which include several products at the same time. These large-scale projects have enabled STAS to make an international name for itself in the industry, and to expand its base of customers, who can now act as a reference for future sales.

In the 2000s,

the company undertook a major shift in research and development by devoting a great deal of effort to developing its own equipment, in particular by broadening its technological base to the carbon and electrolysis sectors and, more recently, to intelligent inspection and vision systems. The company now has a catalog of around 30 distinct products, all made to fit according to the needs of the client.

In 2012,

STAS sells its 200th ACD / Aluminium Compact Degasser®, a flagship product that has become the essential reference in the metal casting / treatment sector.


In 2017,

the company is officially incorporated and became STAS Inc. Several employees joined the company to support our global growth, including the Alba Line 6 project where STAS obtained several major contracts.

In 2018,

the company moved to its new head office at 622 rue des Actionnaires.


In 2018,

the company acquired the intellectual property of the ingot casting and stacking machine and the sow casting and stacking machine from the Australian company o.d.t engineering, thus broadening its expertise to the metal solidification sector. The machines are called the ICS and the SCS.

In 2018,

STAS delivered its 250th ACD / Aluminium Compact Degasser® to an Indian customer – nearly 25 years after the company’s flagship product was released.


In 2018,

STAS starts a business partnership with HENCON.


In 2021,

we were producing and delivering our 200th unit of RFI / Rotary Flux Injector® to a customer located in the United Kingdom.


In 2023,

the current management committee (Daniel Maltais, Jean-Michel Goupille, Dominic Fortin, Véronique Bergeron, Jasmine Paradis Laroche, Martin Plante and Alexandre MacLaren) joins the team of shareholders.


STAS wishes to achieve its vision of becoming an important player for the aluminium industry by offering turnkey, reliable and robust solutions to its customers, with the expertise and experience needed to meet quality and world’s most demanding productivity.