We provide high-tech solutions for the global aluminium industry.

STAS is a world leader in the supply of various equipment to improve the productivity and quality of aluminium. Aluminium producers that can benefit from our technologies range from primary smelters to secondary foundries to aluminium mills and extruders.

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Our Sermas branch launches a new range of ESSENTIAL band saws     The range BS-E is a concentration of SERMAS know how dedicated to aluminium extruders and distributors wishing to find new markets with rapid return on investment. Contact us for 

Important milestone This delivery marks another important milestone for us as it further establishes our leadership and expertise in this strategic segment of aluminium production – metal treatment. In order to meet different kinds of quality requirements, dissolved alkalis like sodium and 


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We have been dedicated to the aluminium sector for 30 years

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We strive hard to improve ourselves in everything we do 

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Our technologies garantee the highest return on investment on the market