DBF / Deep Bed Filter®

The Proven Filtering Technology for Consistent High Quality Aluminium.


How it works

Aluminium alloys need to meet ever more stringent quality requirements, particularly for beverage cans, foils, fine wires, lithographic sheets and bright trims. In fact, inclusions lead to problems when metal is produced to ever decreasing thicknesses approaching those of the inclusion size or when surface quality is paramount.

The DBF / Deep Bed Filter® consists of an insulated box containing layers of carefully sized alumina balls through which molten aluminium flows from top to bottom. The filtering area, or bed, is sized as a function of metal flow rates.

Other Parts of the Equipment

  • Electrical holding lid: used when the box is operating to maintain the melt at the right temperature.
  • Preheating roof: used after bed rebuilding to prepare the box for filtering by removing its moisture content; reduces thermal shocks when put into contact with molten metal.
  • Dumping stand: can be motorized or only provide seat to the box for the overhead crane to tilt it.


Key features

Metal Quality Improvement

  • Inclusion removal efficiency higher than 90%.
  • LiMCA and PoDFA analyses show best quality requirements consistently achieved with DBF.
  • Different ball sizes and variable layers allow custom quality requirements.
  • Excellent constancy and repeatability of results.

Productivity Environment

  • Preheat station permits quick change of filter box to avoid downtime.
  • Large volumes can be treated before cleaning of filter boxes is required.
  • Flow rates of up to 1,500 kg/min can be processed.
  • Box design adapts to casting station layout.
  • Used for applications which are critical in terms of quality.

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