Turn towards a Customer focused culture Several years ago, higher management at STAS decided to take a serious turn towards a Customer focused culture that would reverberate through every individual within the organisation. In line with this, the after-sales team was renamed 

To ensure the maximum performance of STAS equipment at your plant, STAS provides your personnel with the assistance they may require during the operation and maintenance of our technologies. To this end, we have an after‑sales service division, with a team in permanent contact with 

STAS’ spare parts department, implemented in 1989 to meet the needs of our specialized clientele all around the world, is made up of a team of expert representatives who provide outstanding support to all users of STAS equipment. Through constant contact with 

STAS offers special support, after the commissioning of your equipment, to ensure that both the machine and process are optimum. Our visiting field technician will discuss the operation of the machine with your operators and optimise all parameters to ensure the maximum 

STAS believe that in order for the customer to enjoy the best user experience possible, it is beneficial to maintain all machineries in proper operating condition and improve their efficiency whenever possible. To this end, STAS offer on‑site assistance consisting of annual