Customer Culture at STAS

Turn towards a Customer focused culture

Several years ago, higher management at STAS decided to take a serious turn towards a Customer focused culture that would reverberate through every individual within the organisation. In line with this, the after-sales team was renamed the Customer Success Service and a new journey began.

Fruit of our efforts

We have reaped the small fruit of our efforts as we have seen the overall customer satisfaction increase year after year. We measure this through our annual customer satisfaction survey which gives us an NPS score that STAS follows at the highest level. So, we know that our customers are more and more satisfied, but what is STAS doing behind the scenes to care of them?

Our Customer Success Service

Well, we just finished a Continuous Improvement initiative that revamped our spares parts process to ensure delivering orders on time. The theme was to deliver on our promises. Indeed, customer are more and more demanding and STAS cannot hold every single part in stock due to our wonderful ability to customize our technologies to specific requirements. However, we do take pride in delivering on our promises and that is our focus.

Previous initiatives in line with Customer orientation have already been deployed :

  • customer Culture Awareness across the company and close partners;
  • training of First Responders in select countries to support quickly on-site;
  • indicator to measure On-time case completion;
  • indicator to measure customer support promoter level.

We will soon be deploying a new initiative for this year which has yet to be announced. And we appreciate all the feedback we can get from our precious customer base and partner network.

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Customer Success Service team


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