ICS / Ingot Casting and Stacking

Reliability, robustness, simplicity and ease of operation and maintenance are the key components of the remelt ingot casting machine powered by o.d.t. Engineering technology.



How it works

The ICS / Ingot Casting and Stacking has the ability to cast both pure Aluminium ingot and foundry alloy ingots on a continuous basis. The fully automated ICS can cast up to thirty two tonnes per hour, pushing your production goals to their full extent.

Long lasting and durable casting chain and moulds maximize the operational life of the ingot casting system. An electrical automation control system of the ingot casting system controls every step of the entire ingot production process.

Key features

CASTfill pouring Wheel

The pouring system directs metal into the ingot mould in a streamlined manner with minimal turbulence or splashing.

This ensures oxide levels are kept low, resulting in superior quality product with an attractive surface finish.

  •  Up to 32 tonnes per hour operation.

  •  Lower oxide levels coupled with a better finish.

  •  Produces uniform ingot weight.

  • Developed using state-of-the-art computer simulation techniques.

  •  Many production installations.


The CASTmould has been developed by o.d.t. Engineering and a team of research professionals to improve production rate, achieve longer service life and improve safety and performance by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Improved solidification rate.

  • Minimization of localised boiling of cooling water.

  • Better release of ingot from mould.

  • Less shrinkage and formation of cavities on the ingot surface.


At the completion of the process, the machine’s stacking unit allows for the aluminium ingots to be automatically packaged and strapped into compact stacks that are suited for safe and easy transportation. The modern robotic automatic ingot stacking system and stack compactor form the integrated and compact ingot stacks.

  • A variety of layout configurations are available to suit your plant requirements for stack storage systems and transport methods.
  • The automatic ingot stack strapping system coordinates high production rates and provides reliable and safe stack strapping processes.
  • The modular design offers easy equipment accessibility and maintenance.

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