STAS delivers its 200th Rotary Flux Injector® (RFI)

STAS is proud to announce the production of its 200th Rotary Flux Injector (RFI) unit to a European customer. The latter will use this simple, yet innovative and reliable ‘’fluxing’’
technology to remove different impurities in one of their aluminum furnaces before the metal is cast.

Important milestone

This delivery marks another important milestone for us as it further establishes our leadership and expertise in this strategic segment of aluminium production – metal treatment.

In order to meet different kinds of quality requirements, dissolved alkalis like sodium and calcium, non‑metallic inclusions and hydrogen need to be removed from liquid aluminium.

Whereas furnace fluxing is still used either by spreading solid flux manually on the metal surface or using fluxing lances (chlorine), STAS’ RFI uses salt mixtures to significantly improve the efficiency of the fluxing process while guaranteeing the security of operators in the cast house.

The main element of the STAS RFI is the spinning nozzle, through which a carrier gas (nitrogen) delivers the fluxing agent (solid salts) underneath the metal surface. The liquefied fluxing agent is dispersed through the combined actions of the disperser and the injection of the carrier gas.

Multiple configurations, shapes and designs have been realized over the past 25 years in order to match the different types of furnaces in place around the world.  Not only does the RFI eliminate the use of chlorine, it improves metal cleanliness and reduces dross generation, all of which are major concerns for small, medium and large aluminum producers. The technology has never ceased to improve in three decades. 

Designed and assembled at STAS facilities in Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada, the Rotary Flux Injector operates in dozens of primary and secondary aluminium plants around the world. This 200th unit is the product of the hard work of dozens of our employees and suppliers who support the success of our customers by creating exceptional value through innovative product solutions.