STAS will soon deliver its 250th ACD

STAS will soon deliver its 250th ACD (Aluminium Compact Degasser) to an Indian customer – almost 25 years after the delivery of the first company’s flagship product.


This automated equipment, now a flagship product of STAS, is used for the processing of aluminium alloys produced by casting centers around the world. More precisely, it makes it possible to remove the hydrogen from liquid aluminium and thus increase the metallurgical performance of the metal.

This historic delivery marks STAS’s status as a world leading manufacturer of innovative industrial equipment for the aluminium sector.


Photo (by Dominic Vézina) : STAS employees posing alongside the 250th ACD soon to be shipped to India.


Times have changed in the world of aluminum since the days of the first degasser that was installed here in Saguenay – Lac St-Jean in the early 90s: the number of aluminum smelters has greatly increased; the available technologies are numerous and diversified and traditional production markets are no longer the same. However, with this historic delivery, the identity of STAS as a sustainable company capable of ensuring its durability beyond the ages and generations is confirmed and honors two initial objectives that the company had set itself at the start: to produce reliable, innovative and robust equipment and guarantee customer satisfaction. With this order, these goals are once again achieved.


In its improved version adapted to the needs of our time, this equipment ensures unequaled performance to producers seeking a real added value in their aluminium: low maintenance costs, self-diagnostic capabilities, high degree of quality of the metal, management safety and environmental concerns through the possible integration of a Flux Feeder Device (FFD) that removes chlorine. The dedicated and innovative work performed by our workers has allowed our customers to produce millions tons of aluminium of superior quality, and STAS to produce 250 machines of the same type, most of which are exported.


On the eve of our 30th Anniversary (1989-2019), a growing number of early customers approach us to replace their original degasser by a newer, more technologically-advanced version. IN a way, this allows them to underscore the incessant quest to improve their equipment and processes. For STAS workers, the priorities are exactly the same.


Overall, everyone wins. The collaboration between the parties and the coordinated use of knowledge around aluminium production have made possible the commercialisation of this equipment around the world. In a context of strong global demand for this light metal, but also increasing competitiveness between producers and suppliers, this success is a motivating factor for the future of the aluminium sector in Saguenay-Lac St-Jean and Quebec.


Parenthesis for those less familiar with history …


The ACD was born from the Alcan Compact Degasser Program, which began in 1994 and is a partnership with the Alcan Research and Development Center, which is at the origin of the technology, and STAS, the manufacturer responsible for it commercialisation and development. Since the first version in 1994 until today, the product has been evolving in terms of configuration and performance to better meet the requirements of the global market. STAS’ ACDs are now in operation in more than 35 countries and are still in demand. The exceptional success of this product in the global market is due to the excellence of its employees, partners and regional subcontractors.

The order of the 250th degasser now being confirmed, we will keep the course to reach the 300th in the next decade.

Congratulations to all those who are directly or indirectly involved in the success of this equipment!