First STAS-made Ingot Casting and Stacking (ICS) machine recently commissioned

We are proud to share pictures of our first STAS-made Ingot Casting and Stacking (ICS) machine which we recently commissioned at a secondary aluminium plant in Poland – ALUMETAL.

Two years ago, STAS enlarged its portfolio of products by acquiring ingot & sow casting technologies from the Australian company o.d.t engineering, who had produced ands delivered many units over the last couple decades, mostly in Asia Pacific.

Since then, our team implemented a series of technological upgrades and was also successful in obtaining European certification standards, meeting all the legal requirements for CE marking.

This project marks an important milestone for us and for the end user who is able to cast top quality remelt ingots (secondary aluminium casting alloys) to be sold to European customers, mostly from the automotive industry.



We are currently discussing several exciting projects with different aluminium producers all around the world, who like us believe in quality, innovation and robustness.

We look forward to further serve the aluminium industry in this key segment. Please contact our team of experts to know more on our casting and stacking solutions for the aluminium industry.