ACP / Aluminium Crucible Preheater

The ACP / Aluminium Crucible Preheater is a safe and efficient system using an electrical heater to preheat metal crucibles (or ladles) and/or bake their refractory linings.


How It Works

Metal and bath crucibles (or ladles) are regularly cleaned, repaired or rebuilt with a new refractory lining before they are returned to service. Whatever the reason for maintenance, it is important that the lining of those crucibles be safely dried and preheated. 

STAS has developed several types of preheating systems, either electrical or with gas, in order to meet the specific requests of its customers.  The ACP / Aluminium Crucible Preheater totally controls the whole heating cycle, which ensures more uniform heating distribution before the first time molten metal is poured, hence a considerable reduction in energy costs.



“The Proven Technology to Preheat and Dry
Bath and Metal Crucibles”

Types of crucibles heaters



Before filling them with molten metal or bath, cold crucibles need to be preheated to avoid moisture entrapment.



When both metal and bath crucibles need to be relined with new refractory material. It is important that the new refractory material be properly cured before putting the crucibles back into service following a programmed ramp and soak determined by the refractory supplier.



When molten metal cannot be transported normally, it is required to be able to maintain or increase the temperature of the molten aluminium in the crucible.




Key features

Productivity Improvement 

  •  Better temperature control; no cold spots.
  • Very uniform heat distribution.
  • Meet requirements imposed by refractory manufacturers.
  • Increased refractory lifetime.
  • Fully automatic operation of the system.
  • Possibility of integrating a monitoring to supervise and report heating condition of each crucible.
  • Some configurations allow preheating and drying.

  • Cost Improvement 

  • Reduced energy costs.

  •  Low operating, maintenance and capital costs.

  •  The operator is not required during the preheating step.

Safe Operating Environment

  • The operator is away from any source of danger.

  •  Noise level (for gas system) are below 85 dBA.