STC / Siphon Tube Cleaner

An automatic equipment designed to reduce siphon tubes cleaning time, extends the tube life and greatly improves safety.


How It Works

Siphon equipment is used to siphon molten aluminium in crucible shop. Bath and aluminium deposits accumulated on the inside walls need to be removed on a regular basis to maintain the siphon free of obstruction and to ensure efficient siphoning.

The STC / Siphon Tube Cleaner is a powerful machine used to drill the tapping tubes to remove the bath and aluminium stuck inside. A cleaning head is fixed to a steel rod and driven by an electric gearmotor mounted to a carriage that moves the cleaning head horizontally, inside the tapping tube. The machine can completely clean tubes clogged with a combination of metal and bath (not with metal only).

The STC is composed of a ventilated soundproof case, tube holding devices and a cleaning module with rotation and translation functions.

Automatic equipment designed to clean straight siphon tubes.

Key Features

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Completely cleans tubes clogged with a combination of metal and/or bath.

  • Can clean tubes at temperatures up to 300°C.

  • Fully automatic cycle, except for loading and unloading of tubes.

  • Clean tubes within 5 to 10 minutes on average, depending on the length of the tube and the type of obstruction.

  • Low maintenance and operation costs.

  • Safe Operating Environment

  • Eliminates exposure of operators to dust and hot materials.

  • No need to heat tubes to unclog them.

  • Noise level under 75 dBA.

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