SPC / Siphon Pipe Cleaner

The SPC / Siphon Pipe Cleaner is a semi-automatic, pneumatic reamer used to clean siphon pipes. It reduces the cleaning time, extends the tube life and greatly improves working conditions.

How It Works

Siphon equipment is used to siphon molten aluminium in potrooms and casthouses. Dross and aluminium deposits accumulated on the inside walls of the siphons need to be removed on a regular basis to maintain the siphon free of obstructions and to ensure efficient siphoning.

The SPC / Siphon Pipe Cleaner is a semi‑automatic, pneumatic reamer that can be installed in a potroom or adjacent building. It cleans rapidly within a few minutes either straight or curved tubes. Because of the fast cleaning action, siphons can be cleaned before every siphoning operation, which reduces downtime as well as all costs associated with siphon dismantling.

The mechanism consists of a rotating head activated by a pneumatic motor. The motor and the rotating head are moved up and down inside the siphon by means of an ultra‑resistant hose moved by a pneumatic driving module. This particular mechanism which is capable of cleaning curved siphons can be mounted either on a stationary or mobile station. No electricity is required for this system.

Optional Features

  • Four‑sided enclosure for noise and dust protection.
  • Remote control panel.

“Semi-Automatic Equipment Designed to Clean Curved Pipes”

Key Features

  • Productivity Improvement

  •  Cleans hot siphons whilst attached to crucible.

  •  Adapts to different shapes and sizes of siphons.

  •  Capable of cleaning curved siphons.

  •  Cleans according to the contours of the interior siphon walls, even when siphon diameter varies.

  •  No need to be near an electrical power source.

  • Safe Operating Environment

  •  Eliminates exposure of operators to dust and hot particles.

  •  Keeps operators away from noisy area.

  •  Eliminates exposure of operators to dangerous cleaning parts.