SEED / Swirled Enthalpy Equilibration Device

An innovative process for the production of high integrity die casting parts

How It Works

Semi-solid forming has proven to be an effective solution for the production of high integrity parts. The SEED, Swirled Enthalpy Equilibration Device, operates by using a liquid based method (rheocasting) for producing a prime quality aluminium slurry that can be processed through high pressure die casting.

The principle is based on achieving a rapid and controlled thermal equilibrium between a metallic crucible and the bulk of molten aluminium. The process delivers a high solid fraction feedstock, free of entrapped oxides, that allows for the casting of heat treatable, weldable parts showing high mechanical properties, high ductility, and ultra-low porosity for leak tight applications.

The SEED technology has proven to be highly efficient on a wide variety of aluminium foundry alloys – see typical specifications. Shot weights (2 to 18 kg) and dimensions can be readily adjusted (demonstrated up to 54 kg), and the process can be retrofitted to both horizontal and vertical die/squeeze casting machines. 

SEED process

  • Tilting and pouring
  • Swirling
  • Demoulding and transfer
  • HPDC press

Key features

Casting Quality Improvement

  • Production of high integrity parts suitable for structural applications.

  • T5 and T6 heat-treatable (blister free) and weldable parts.

  • Near net shape, thick and thin walled castings that require less machining.

  • Geometrical flexibility.

  • Enhanced mechanical properties.

Productivity improvement

  • Faster cycle rate.

  • Reduced total heat load on tooling, resulting in longer die life.

  • Returns can be fully reused.

  • Fully automated machine that can be used with both horizontal and vertical die/squeeze casting machines