BSI 3D / 3D Billet Surface Inspection

Our BSI3D improves the quality and objectivity of your billet surface inspection  process while ensuring traceability, productivity and customer satisfaction.


How it works

  • The BSI3D / Billet Surface Inspection system is usually placed above the existing conveyor, prior the ultrasonic inspection process.
  • Billet code identification is automatically performed.
  • A set of sensors collect high resolution tridimensional & photographic pictures.
  • The defects are automatically detected and quantified.
  • Inspection status is automatically transmitted to the process control system.
  • Complete information about defects found is stored into the database.

Key features

  • Operator free – completely automated.
  • Threshold values regarding defect detections can be adjusted.

  • Automated detection of defects like:
    • Out of gas cushions
    • Slip

    • Zipper

    • Bleed out

    • Oxide patches

    • Billet deflection

  • Generates historical data allowing process optimization & quality follow-up / traceability.

  • Reads billet identification or/ add ID code (option).

  • Allows partial acceptance of the billet depending on the sub-lengths to cut.

  • Improves quality and objectivity of the inspection.

  • Integrates the state of the art 3D & 2D machine vision technologies.

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