IGDC / Inert Gas Dross Cooler®

The Only System Capable of Efficiently Cooling All Types of Aluminium Drosses Under All Conditions.



How it works

Many cooling methods have been developed over the years in attempts to stop aluminium oxidation in the dross that forms on the surface of molten aluminium. Up until now, each method has brought its share of undesirable side effects like high maintenance, dust and smoke, high capital investment, etc. The IGDC / Inert Gas Dross Cooler® can replace all such technologies that are unable to efficiently control the cooling of all types of drosses.

The heart of the IGDC is a large thermal heat sink in the form of a ductile cast iron pan in which dross is skimmed. As soon as a pan is filled, it is moved directly into an inert gas cooler where further oxidation is prevented by the injection of argon. This gas performs no cooling as such; it simply excludes oxygen.

Very simple, safe and cost effective, the IGDC efficiently recovers aluminium metal from dross whilst simultaneously upgrading your plant environment.




Key features

Productivity Improvement

  •  Excellent metal recovery by reducing oxidation. Up to 60% aluminium recovery.
  •  Adaptable to a wide range of needs with the addition of modular units.
  •  When required, drainage holes can be provided for direct molten metal recovery.

Cost Improvement

  •  Low operating and maintenance costs.
  •  Low capital cost.
  •  No dedicated operator is required.

Safe Operating Environment

  •  Very safe process.

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