STAS is launching an important 10-year proven technology, which is now available worldwide: the STARprobeTM, a measurement system developed by Alcoa and now commercially available through STAS. The STARprobeTM is a portable equipment that measures cryolitic bath properties such as Superheat, Temperature, Alumina concentration and cryolite Ratio (STAR), all together and in real time, for cell control. This synchronicity of measurement is an important step forward in improving the efficiency of electrolysis cells.

Thanks to the results obtained through the STARprobeTM, all the bath characteristics are known at the same time, allowing to precisely adjust the parameters to run the pots very close to their optimal limits. Huge improvements have been achieved with the use of the STARprobeTM, including:

  • 0.5% current efficiency
  • 35 mV voltage savings
  • 5% savings in AlF3
  • Capital cost saving for X-ray equipment
  • Labor savings for sampling/analysis
  • Improved understanding by operators.

For more information on the STARprobeTM, please visit our Website at www.stas.com/starprobe; you can also communicate with our specialist at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

STAS remains the main leader in the supply of molten aluminium degassing, refining and filtering technologies and of technologies related to the maintenance of crucibles (which include the HACC / Hot Aluminium Crucible Cleaner, the ACP / Aluminium Crucible Preheater, the STC / Tapping Tube Cleaner and the STP / Siphon Tube Preheater). Our equipment is designed to improve productivity in aluminium smelters and the quality of molten aluminium.

STAS is also recognized in four other main sectors:

.1 Metal Treatment , mainly including the ACD / Aluminium Compact Degasser®, the RFI / Rotary Flux Injector®, the DBF / Deep Bed Filter, the IGDC / Inert Gas Dross Cooler®, the TAC / Treatment of Aluminium in Crucible® and the ACS / Aluminium Crucible Skimmer.

.2 Crucible Shop, including but not limited to: HACC / Hot Aluminium Crucible Cleaner, ACP / Aluminium Crucible Preheater, SPC / Siphon Pipe Cleaner, STC / Tapping Tube Cleaner and STP / Siphon Tube Preheater.

.3 Electrolysis and Carbon, with the CAT / Covered Anode Tray for reduction of HF emissions, the AAPS / Automatic Anode Positioning System, the ASIS3D / 3D Anode Stub Inspection System, and the ABIS / Anode Butt Inspection System.

.4 Measuring/Analysis Systems, mainly including the VBDD / Vibrated Bulk Density Device® and the SyTAC / Alcan Pitch Wetting Capability Measurement Unit.

Let me conclude by thanking you for visiting STAS’ Website. We are very pleased to have you with us and we trust that you will find everything you need on our Website. You can also communicate with our specialists at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pierre Bouchard, President



New commercialization partnership with Hencon

The partnership will allow the two companies to further access global markets in the aluminium sector thanks to their extended contact networks, while continuing to develop, fabricate and commercialise technologically advanced, custom-made equipment with quality standards that comply with world standards.

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STAS will participate at the 2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition that will take place in Phoenix, AZ, from March 11th to 15th 2018. Representatives from our senior management and sales & marketing teams will be pleased to exchange with you on our latest innovations at booth #304.