Senior Director - Operations
Jean-Michel Goupille

Jean-Michel Goupille, Senior Director – Operations, began his career in the manufacture and assembly of industrial equipment mainly intended for aluminum smelters. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from UQAC and over the years, has specialized in the design of manufacturing tools such as plate forging, waterjet cutting, machining, and bending. His extensive experience has allowed him to acquire considerable knowledge in designing and improving equipment while at the same time, reducing costs and lead times.

He joined the STAS team in 2012 as a mechanical designer where he worked in the engineering department as product manager for crucible cleaners, tube cleaners, and chlorine distribution panels. He also had the opportunity to participate in the development of equipment in the technology and innovation department. He held the position of Director of Engineering and Production from 2019 to 2022 where he was able to unify our equipment production teams. Recognized for his innovative ideas, and his ability to mobilize a team, he will continue to contribute to the development of his department as well as the overall expertise of the company.