Vice President - Sales and Marketing
Mark Patrick Tame

Mr. Mark Patrick Tame is Vice President – Sales and Marketing at STAS since autumn 2023. Holding a master’s degree in international business management from the University of Sherbrooke and accumulating more than 20 years of experience in the development of manufacturing companies, Mr. Tame is an international sales and business development veteran.

His role with STAS will consist in leading and growing the company’s sales force as well as identifying areas of international business growth. Prior to joining STAS, Mr. Tame held various positions with some of Canada’s largest manufacturing companies and as a consultant to numerous international companies. Throughout his career, he has helped rethink business development and corporate strategies. He has also worked in lobbying efforts to promote organizations to government authorities and suppliers through national distribution networks. His enthusiasm to put his acquired experiences to good use makes him an asset to our team.